Czech POINTCzech POINT is the Czech Posting Verification Information National Terminal.

Czech POINT serves as an assisted place of public administration, enabling communication with the state through a single point “so that it is the data that circulates, not the citizen.”
Czech POINT enables you to obtain and verify data from public and private information systems, to certify documents and papers, and to convert written documents into an electronic form and vice versa.

Czech POINT provides:
  1. Copies of the Land Registry entry
  2. Copies of the Commercial Registry entry
  3. Copies of the Trade Registry entry
  4. Criminal record certificates
  5. Criminal record certificates of legal entities
  6. Driver scoring statements
  7. Copies of the Insolvency Registry entry
  8. Acceptance of submissions under the Trade Act (§ 72)
  9. Issuance of certified outputs from the List of qualified suppliers
  10. Submission to the registry of road users, the ISOH wreck module
  11. Data boxes
  12. Authorized conversion
  13. Basic registers

Czech POINT in Prague 8:
The Municipal District of Prague 8
U Meteoru 147/6, 180 48 Prague 8 (the so-called “White House” – “Bílý dům”), counters on the ground floor
(tram stop Stejskalova)

Handled by:
Civil Administration Department, Administrative Department